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Arivett Law PLLC provides legal representation across many areas of education law to public school districts. Our attorneys, Angel McCloud and Deanna L. Arivett, boast diverse backgrounds that enrich their perspectives and give them passion for their work. As a boutique firm, our small size allows us to focus our energy entirely on the clients we represent and to work tirelessly to gain the most favorable outcome for them. We pride ourselves on our high-quality, personalized service. Our clients are our first priority, and our education-focused experience makes us uniquely qualified to fully understand their needs.

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With 19 years combined legal experience and dynamic backgrounds in the education sector, our attorneys have an edge that makes them qualified to serve the needs of school districts. We count school psychology, child and family law, juvenile court, and more in our areas of past experience. These varied experiences give us a deep understanding of our practice from the inside out. We value our relationships with clients and aim to create an environment of trust that allows for open communication and mutual respect.

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